WestStar Fire Systems, Inc. Services:

Design (CAD)
CAD drawings are prepared in-house, for our own use, by engineers and designers with decades of experience in meeting the design parameters required by fire departments, fire insurance companies and the governing fire codes.

The in-house fabrication of our fire sprinkler piping and our quality control is the key to providing our customers with the finest quality in threading, cutting, grooving and welding.

WestStar’s pipe fitters have been a tremendous asset to our business, starting right from the very beginning of our over 25 year history. They are well skilled in the installation of underground, wet pipe, dry pipe and pre-action fire systems and have earned the reputation of being some of the best fire sprinkler fitters in the area.

The proper maintenance of fire protection systems is required by the governing fire codes and is the key to safeguarding life and property. Our maintenance personnel are well trained and experienced in the maintenance of most types of fire protection systems, as stipulated in NFPA Pamphlet #25.

The State of California mandated Title 19 and/or the NFPA Pamphlet #25 required inspections are performed by our skilled staff of inspectors.

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